Bike Safety in Atlanta

I had a scare on the road this week during my morning commute. While driving on I-20 in Atlanta, I witnessed an “almost accident.” A motorcyclist was going with the flow of traffic when the car to his left started to move over into his lane. I was two cars behind and saw what was going to happen as did several cars around me as we all braked, expecting the worst. Thank goodness the motorcyclist anticipated the blind move as well. He was able to speed up and safely move over to the right without causing any added disruption. The car that invaded his lane had no idea what happened.  The neighborhood that our law firm is located, Decatur, was designed to be pedestrian and cyclist friendly. All day people of all kinds, ride bikes of all kinds past our office and it got me thinking about the “almost accident” that didn’t happen because of the alert biker. Here are some tips to ensure that you keep yourself just as safe as you pedal through your neck of the woods:

  1. Stay Alert! – Keep a vigilant lookout for obstacles
  2. Move in the same direction as traffic
  3. Look, signal and look again before making a move
  4. Stay visible by wearing reflective gear and using lights at night
  5. Don’t talk on the phone or listen to music while riding
  6. Obey all traffic laws
  7. Wear a helmet

To avoid being the oblivious driver:

  1. Check your blind spots often
  2. Look before you turn
  3. Follow a safe distance behind
  4. Respect bike lanes
  5. Recognize hand signals
  6. Be courteous and remember to SHARE THE ROAD!

Check out the link below to an eye-opening article in The New York Times related to this topic!

If you or someone you know was injured or killed while riding a bicycle or motorcycle, call us at 404.MCALEER. Visit for more information.