Georgia Case Slips Away from Plaintiff Who Fell in Fast-Food Restaurant

Plaintiffs in personal injury cases, including premises liability cases, must present evidence proving each of the elements of the claim. In Georgia, for a premises liability case to be successful, there must normally be proof that the property owner knew or should have known there was a hazardous condition on their land, that the property owner failed to remedy the hazardous condition, and that the plaintiff was injured due to the presence of the hazardous condition.If a plaintiff is unable to provide a court with proof of each of these elements, then the court will dismiss the plaintiff’s case upon motion from the defendant. A recent case highlights how the inability of a plaintiff to remember exactly how she fell prevented her from recovering for her injuries.

The Facts of the Case

The plaintiff was visiting a fast-food restaurant on a rainy day. The entrance to the restaurant consisted of two different sets of glass double-doors. The plaintiff made it through the first set of double-doors without issue, but couldn’t open the second set of doors.

The plaintiff explained that she was “rattling” the door for some time and was unable to open the door. She subsequently started to push on the door harder. As she pushed the door, she fell to the ground. She was then taken to the hospital.

The plaintiff decided to file a premises liability lawsuit, claiming that her fall was caused by the restaurant manager’s negligence in failing to safely maintain the property. Prior to trial, the plaintiff was asked how she fell, and she explained, “I don’t know how to answer that. I just, it happened so fast. Just like, I just remember pushing on the door, and the next thing I remember is just sitting there.”

The restaurant manager moved for summary judgment, arguing that the plaintiff failed to provide any evidence that her fall was caused by the manager’s negligence or by any dangerous condition on the property. The court agreed, explaining that in order to survive a summary judgment challenge, a plaintiff must present more than “mere speculation” as to what caused their injuries. Here, by the plaintiff’s own admission, she could not recall what caused her fall. The court held that this was “mere speculation” and affirmed the dismissal of her case.

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