How to Operate ATVs Safely and Responsibly this Spring/Summer?

As summer approaches, many parents are looking forward to enjoying vacation activities with their families. Over the years, the use of ATVs has become a major part of the fun. While ATV driving can be extremely exciting, it also poses a risk for inexperienced drivers. By taking necessary precautions with their kids, parents can help prevent ATV accidents.

Responsible ATV riding begins with making safety a priority. The following safety guidelines can help accomplish this goal:

Sign Your Kids Up for ATV Training

Driving an ATV is not like riding a bicycle; these vehicles are much more dangerous and difficult to control. Every year, injuries and deaths occur due to inexperienced drivers losing control of their vehicle. ATV training gives your children an edge in safe driving. By enrolling your kids in a hands-on safety course, they can get practical training for ATV driving. You can find ATV safety courses in your area by doing a search online.

Ensure Your Kids Wear Protective Gear

As head injuries are quite common with ATV accidents, it’s important your kids always wear a helmet when driving. A DOT-certified motorcycle helmet will reduce the risk of serious head injuries in the event of an accident. Consider additional protective gear such as:

  • Above ankle boots
  • Safety goggles
  • Gloves
  • Long sleeved shirts and pants

Match ATV Vehicle to Driver’s Age and Size

ATV vehicles come in both youth and adult sizes. For greater safety, it’s best your children only ride youth ATVs suitable for their age and size. Studies show that approximately 1/3 of ATV related injuries and deaths occur when children drive or ride adult vehicles. These accidents can be prevented by placing strict guidelines on what vehicle your children can drive.

One Person Per Vehicle – No Passengers

Parents often make the mistake of allowing their kids to double up on a vehicle. Carrying a passenger or riding as a passenger can be very dangerous. Most ATV models are geared for a single driver who needs flexibility and mobility to maneuver the vehicle safely in off-road conditions. Carrying a passenger can impede safe driving and result in an accident.

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