How To Return to the Workplace After an Injury

Returning back to the workplace after you’ve been injured can be a very difficult transition. This becomes especially true for workers who are injured on the job.

In cases where an employee has to battle their employer and hire an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer to receive benefits, a sense of animosity may fester that makes returning back to work increasingly difficult. However, if you are injured, whether at work or elsewhere, eventually you are going to return to work, and doing so is a process.

Returning To Work After an Injury

Going back to work after an injury can actually help speed up recovery and help avoid financial burden that may set in after being away from work for an extended period of time. The transition must be done with care, however, to prevent re-injury and ensure that you can return back to full working form as soon as possible. Consider the following tips:

  • Try transitional work. Jumping right back into the thick of things may not be the best approach when returning back to work after an injury. This is particularly true in professions that require large amounts of physical labor. Try smaller tasks first that do not require as much strenuous activity to slowly work your way back into your everyday routine.
  • Get clearance. Nothing can be worse than forcing a return to work before you are ready or before your injury is fully healed. Be sure that you have the proper clearance from a doctor to return to work before you do. Pressure from an employer to return anytime before you are healed should be met with resistance until you are healthy.
  • Don’t wait longer than is necessary. While it is wise to wait until you are fully healed before you return to work, this should not be taken to mean that one should take advantage of time off. The longer you are away from your job, the more likely you are to not return. Many individuals become comfortable receiving benefits and prolong an injury way longer than is necessary for recovery. These benefits do not last forever and eventually returning to work will be necessary.

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