Teenager Sexually Assaulted In Ambulance Awarded $12.5 Million

Wayne County, MI: A 14-year old girl who was allegedly raped by Matt DeFillipo, a convicted felon who was working as ambulance attendant, has been awarded $12.5 million in settlement of her sexual assault lawsuit.

The girl, who was being transported between hospitals by Superior Ambulance, was reportedly assaulted while strapped to a gurny during the 50 minute ambulance ride from Harbor Oaks Hospital in Brownstown to Harbor Oaks Hospital in New Baltimore. The ambulance driver later reported the crime to a supervisor. It transpired that at the time of his being hired by Superior Ambulance, that Matt DeFillipo was a convicted felon.

The plaintiff alleged that Superior Ambulance was negligent in failing to properly screen its employees or provide appropriate training and supervision.

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