Jury Awards North Carolina Couple $1.7 Million in Unborn Son’s Death

A North Carolina jury recently awarded a young couple $1.7 million in a lawsuit against a local restaurant, Eddie’s Place.   On October 20, 2010, 25-year-old David Canter Huffman was speeding after leaving the restaurant and crossed over the center line and hit Matt and Meredith Eastridge’s car.  Mr. Huffman died in the crash as did the Plaintiffs’ unborn son.  Mrs. Eastridge was a front-seat passenger and was six months pregnant at the time.

Mr. Huffman had been drinking at Eddie’s Place and had a blood alcohol level that was nearly three times the legal limit.

Such a suit is brought under a state’s Dram Shop laws which are in place to protect the public from not only intoxicated drivers but also from bars, night clubs and restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages to guests who are noticeably intoxicated, knowing that these guests are  likely to be driving.

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