Rapper T.I. and Funeral Home Lawsuit Settled

Clifford Harris Jr., also known as rapper T.I., recently settled a suit filed by the family of a man whose body was shown on the MTV program “T.I.’s Road to Redemption.”  The nine-episode 2009 show followed the Atlanta-based rapper as he attempted to convince young people to stay away from the criminal life. In one episode T.I. takes a young man called “Peewee” to an Atlanta crematorium and funeral home. There an employee shows them the body of a man described as a “hustler” whose “family did not know what happened to him.” The family of Joseph Williams recognized the body despite the face being blurred out. Williams had, in fact, died from an illness at home. In shock, the family asked for the body to be re-blurred, for the episode not to be re-run and immediately taken off the website. The production company ultimately decided the blurring was done to their standards and the episode remained online. The suit named the funeral home, funeral home employee, T.I. and Grand Hustle, Ish Entertainment and MTV-Viacom as defendants.  Earlier this year the crematorium and funeral home settled their claims. MTV, T.I. and the other defendants were scheduled to go to trial on July 7. However, a settlement was reached in mediation on June 29.

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