Rollover Ends in Tragedy on GA 400

Yesterday afternoon, a multi-car crash on GA 400  took the life of one and injured several others in Atlanta.  

The collision caused several lanes of southbound GA 400 to be closed for several hours.  While the crash in under investigation, it is clear that one car rolled over and the rollover may or may not have been the cause of further injury.


The Georgia State Patrol reported that a sedan and an SUV collided and this collision caused the SUV to overturn.  Sadly, the sedan left the scene of the collision leaving one person in the SUV dead and the other passengers were transported to Grady’s trauma center.  Such a hit and run driver would normally face serious criminal charges.

SUV Rollover Statistics show that roof intrusion injury is common when SUV’s are involved in such collisions.   Passengers not wearing seat belts are the most likely to be injured in a rollover incident and in these instances are usually injured or killed after being ejected from the vehicle.  It remains to be seen how this unfortunate motorist was killed.

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