Verdict for Pedestrian Who Falls on Icy Sidewalk

An $808,000 verdict was awarded to Chandra Frankfort of New Jersey after a slip and fall on an icy sidewalk. Ms. Frankfort, 35, was walking along a sidewalk outside of an automotive body shop when she icy patch. She fractured her right ankle that required implantation of stabilizing screws and rods as a result  of the fall.  A cane is now required for walking and Ms. Franklin’s total out-of-pocket medical expenses were about $8,000.

She sued an auto repair shop alleging the shop owner was negligent in not removing the ice and snow from the sidewalk and warning of its presence. The defendant argued back that Ms. Frankfort was equally negligent as she was a local resident and knew about the condition of the sidewalk.

Ms. Frankfort was a pharmaceutical marketing representative earning about $110,000 annually at the time of the accident.  As a result of her impaired ability to walk, Frankfort was forced to find another line of work and became a college counselor earning about $35,000 annually. In the wake of lost future earning capacity, the plaintiff sought about $2 million. The jury allocated 80 percent fault to the defendant and 20 percent to the plaintiff and awarded about $808,000 to Ms. Frankfort.

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