Waitress leaves Gold Club intoxicated and dies; her parents sue

In August, Ashley Hollyfield, a mother of two and former Gold Club employee, was killed while driving home intoxicated after leaving the exotic dancing establishment.

On Sept. 30, her parents, Duane and Susan Willis, filed suit against Fannett Entertainment, doing business as Gold Club, in court. Hollyfield’s minor children are also listed as plaintiffs in the suit.

According to the lawsuit, Gold Club allegedly encourages its employees to drink while working to increase its profits. On the night of Aug. 2, Hollyfield was drinking alcohol while in the course and scope of her employment as a waitress.

“Gold Club … continued to sell alcoholic beverages to decedent even after she had become visibly intoxicated and incapacitated,” the suit states.

Later that night, a Gold Club employee walked Hollyfield to her vehicle and allowed her to drive home.

“While driving home … decedent suffered fatal injuries upon colliding head-on with a tractor-trailer,” the suit states, adding that tests revealed her blood alcohol content to be nearly 2.5 times the legal limit.

The suit further alleges Gold Club negligently served Hollyfield alcoholic beverages and allowed her drive, even though it was clear she was a danger to herself and others.

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