What Was the Most Recalled Vehicle of 2014?

No machine is without its flaws, but sometimes those flaws can become injurious to motorists. When a flaw or defect involved with the manufacturing of a vehicle is so prevalent that it may be severely harmful or even fatal to those that utilize the vehicle, the automobile manufacturer may issue a recall of your vehicle.

A recall is a regional or national call to have all of the owners of a specific vehicle return that vehicle to a dealership so that whatever defect that exists within the automobile can be rectified. A recall can be issued voluntarily by a national manufacturer or ordered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Injuries that occur as a result of faulty manufacturing can give rise to an actionable personal injury or product liability claim. In order to bring such a claim you are going to need the assistance of a quality Atlanta accident injury lawyer.

The Most Commonly Recalled Vehicle

Vehicles can be recalled for numerous reasons. A faulty airbag that deploys inadvertently, a non-responsive braking system or a problem with the engine are just a few of the reasons a vehicle can be recalled. In 2014, Chevy and GMC had the two most recalled vehicles of 2014 with both the Chevy Silverdo and GMC Sierra being recalled a total of six times in one year. The reason for the recalls varied from less severe defects such as non-adhesive floor mats to more severe issues such as steering column malfunctions.

Has Your Vehicle Been Recalled?

Whether a recall is mandated or voluntarily, there are specific protocols that a vehicle manufacturer must adhere to. For example, whenever a vehicle is recalled, the manufacturers involved must take steps to ensure that those affected are notified of the recall. That means that they need to make attempts like filing a public report, searching for and contacting affected drivers, and sending out notification letters to owners to place them on notice of the recall.

Sometimes, manufacturers do not issue a recall on their own and are forced to do so. If you suspect that something it is wrong with your vehicle, contact the local dealer of your vehicle as soon as possible as it may be a problem limited to you.

If you or a loved one owns a vehicle that has been recently recalled or you are having issues with your vehicle that concern the manufacturing of the vehicle, speak with one of our accident lawyers in Atlanta. Call McAleer Law today for a free consultation with an Atlanta accident injury lawyer. 


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