School’s Out! Staying Cool and Safe at Your Water Park

In Georgia, adventure lovers can choose between six water parks, from the well-known Six Flags White Water to Valdosta’s Wild Adventures Splash Island. Six Flags White Water alone hosts more than 50 water-filled attractions for all ages, from those who can barely walk, to the thrill seekers ready to take on free falling slides. With so many attractions, it can be difficult to ensure the proper care is taken to protect all guests. The typical restrictions on more dangerous rides include height requirements, health and safety advisories, and accessibility guidelines. However, even with careful planning on the water park’s side, if an injury occurs, in some cases the park may be held liable.

In all water parks, accidents can happen, and it is important to determine if the injury was due to a mistake by the customer, or if the water park is to blame. If the water park owner’s negligence is in question, a thorough investigation is required to examine all aspects. For instance, were building codes and safety codes violated?

In one example, a Texas woman was fatally injured during a float ride when the inflatable raft unexpectedly deflated, trapping her underneath the water. In this instance, the water park was held at fault for not properly securing the ride, checking that all materials were in good condition, and ensuring the safety of guests.

Injury can be avoided with careful research of the rides and safety precautions found at your water park destination. Most water parks are required to post guidelines at each ride to educate guests on the proper use of different attractions.

Keeping an eye out for younger swimmers who may have trouble in the deep end is another way to keep everyone safe at the water park. If you are faced with an injury or death caused by a water park company this summer, you should act quickly and seek out help from a qualified attorney before the statute of limitations expires. Accidents will happen, but by knowing your rights, you will always be protected.

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